Instance entrances 7.1.5

Missing portals on the instance entrances. It’s possible to enter/exit instance, but visual there are no portals. How can i fix it?

Those are “game objects”. First see if they exist by doing the command “gobject near” (in game) when you are near to the entrance.

If they are not there, then they may be missing from the DB gameobject and log that here:

I’m using 335a, but if you are 7.x, i’m sure there are missing data from the DB.

I was trying to “gobject near and have got just Found nearby gameobjects (distance 10.000000): 0”.

Where can i get id’s of this gameobjects to try to find/add them in “gameobject” database?

By using a sniffer (it captures network packets between the client and server) while connected to an official server.


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