Is it possible to restore the event / holiday table?

Since 335 was never intended by Blizz to last so long, most of the events and holidays are starting to not appear in the calendar.

In the early days, Trinity used to load events from a table instead of directly from the DBC. Since we know the DBC structure, why not restore that table and instead of reading the information from a DBC, let the core read it from the table and send the packet to the client?

Trinity still loads the events from game_event table.

Hmm, I thought it was gone. Guess I should check the wiki first.

So Trinity loads that table to actually start the event but it doesn’t send the information to the client on calendar requests? It seems like the client is loading direct from the DBC when the calendar is opened. I don’t suppose there’s a way (outside of editing the DBC) to force the calendar to respond to a packet from the server?