Issues with spell damage [Latest TrinityCore]


I've recently compiled my own TC with some custom scripts for different purposes. 
It's currently a level 255 server with loads of custom items with high stats accomponied by a custom patch for it to work. 

The stats are very balanced (if a item has 50k attack power the equal item for spellcaster has 50k spell power) but almost no spells do any high damage?! For example, a warrior can hit up to 400k+ with just regular heroic strike but spellcaster's spells does around 2 - 4k damage? There are exceptions though. 

Warlocks Chaos bolt does 900K damage but no other spells on warlock does over 4k damage. 

Priest also has 2 or 3 spells which deal insane amounts of damage meanwhile other's deal around 2k damage?!

some of spells by class druid it’s too much damage!!

Paladin class if Use [Holy Shock] = 500M Heal And 500M Damage !!


Browse to Unit.cpp:

float Unit::CalculateSpellpowerCoefficientLevelPenalty(SpellInfo const* spellInfo) const
if (!spellInfo->MaxLevel || getLevel() < spellInfo->MaxLevel)
return 1.0f;

return 1.0f;//std::max(0.0f, std::min(1.0f, (22.0f + spellInfo->MaxLevel - getLevel()) / 20.0f));


[SIZE=22px]How to Balanced Spells By Stats items Custom For LEVEL 255 Server.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=22px]Please, I need help[/SIZE]

No one helps?

@Aokromes !!