Item Creator Windows App



@Asandru93 What exactly is this a spawn creator or item creator?
and why didn’t you open a thread for it instead of hijacking Malcrom’s thread?
Looks nice though btw :slight_smile:

I wanted to share my app for you guys

Thank you for sharing :slight_smile:


For those who encounter any problems or trinity database structure changes, please report back to me:

so I can update the app.

Mention: Item preview button is still underwork, don’t worry about the code it works fine.

Thank you


  • Fixed weapon not show damage properly


  • Fixed invetoryType for two handed weapons subclass
  • Moved Delay input near damage inputs

Thanks [Beater(]
for reporting the problem.[/CODE]


[ul][li]fix wrong columns armor and block stats[/li]
[li]fix wrong class mask[/li]

Works under Linux via wine. The fonts are just ugly (even with corefonts installed) but its completely usable. Thanks.