Item enchant visuals

What it does:
When you loot a weapon, there is a 25% chance it will have a random visual effect.
If you enchant the weapon, the visual effect is lost and replaced by the enchant visual.
In total there are 38 different visuals.

Get It:

Now also as a C++ patch (no eluna)

does this work with current revision of trinity core?

Considering current revision changes every few hours, I assume you want someone to get the patch on latest TC, compile, test and report back so you can do the same.

Why not just try yourself?

The latest tested TC version was

Which was on 29 Mar

So likely it does not directly.

not work in last rev

How about write why “not work” instead say “not work”?

Working in the last branch?

Did you test at all? Are you having an issue?
The readme says it supports / is made for TC version:
That commit is from 5th of january 2015

No newer is tested. However the code does very little changes and depends mostly on stuff that has not changed in … forever. So it probably works, but cant say I tested.