Item_loot_template mod question

Hey guys, so I’m trying to make a custom item that when looted (right clicked) will allow me loot all of the contents of the item, this is achieved by setting 100% drop chance on all items in it’s loot table, the thing is, I added 20 items to it’s loot table but only the first 15 or 16 are lootable while the rest don’t even appear in the container, my guess is that this is a core limit? correct? if so, how can I edit it so it will allow me to loot more items in a single container?

thanks in advance.


Note: The core has a limitation - only 16 non-quest items (money and items added into the loot for quests are not counted for this “16”) may come into the loot. And this is not a caprice of core devs - the client has some constraints. As most of loots have much more than 16 possible items (sometimes several hundreds) so without groups there is a (little) chance that more than 16 items will be rolled for a given loot but player will be able to see (and take) only first 16 of them. With groups you can ensure that more than 16 items will never drop. If DB pretends to be a quality software it must have loot template definitions which ensure that not more than 16 plain entries and groups are defined for any loot template. This is just a note - such declaration is not issued by TDB developers yet.

Oh damn! If this a client limitation aswell then I guess not much can be done about it =/, anyways, thanks Guybrush.

it is a client limitation, not core, not sure why it says core there.

" The core has a limitation -"[…]“the client has some constraints.”

Perfectly fine to me imo.