Just upgraded to MMaps....

Last week I finished up this ridiculous patch I’ve been working on for two months, finally giving me the opportunity to upgrade to TDB51 (from 49) and use MMaps. The upgrade was seamless and I cherry-picked my commit into a new branch except for some movement-related fixes I had made to fix a lot of mob pathing issues. Obviously, I was hoping that MMaps would fix those problems and make my changes unnecessary.

MMaps works great and I am happy to throw away my hack code and stay closer to the master branch! Thanks to everyone who developed and tested this capability. It seems to be a very nice improvement over the previous pathing system.

I am also pleased to see MMaps in the master branch.

Has anyone using MMaps, however, encountered a bug where their character will lock into one place and be unable to move (requiring a relog)? It seems to only happen when you are attacking an NPC that decides to run away.