JustEngagedWith() Script Issues


I’m running into issues the method JustEngagedWith() located in ScriptedCreature, BossAI. It seems to crash the entire script when using it.


If I use a script with an empty method like this the script doesn’t work and I mean it doesn’t work at all. NOTE: I should note that the boss doesn’t even aggro when the following method is present.

void JustEngagedWith(Unit* /who/) override { }

If I was to change that to JustDied the script will run fine and my custom boss will cast frostbolt to his hearts content.

void JustDied(Unit* /killer/) override { }

I’ve been using Moira and Edwins boss scripts as reference to this problem and they both use JustEngaged just fine. (Or at least it seems that way, I cleared the creature DB and haven’t tested them other than spawning them in to see if they’ll attack me)

This is the script I’ve been using (I know it won’t be perfect but I’m currently just trying to understand why the entire script doesn’t work with JustEngaged)