knownTitles base

In the last week i took a closer look at the title system.

I found something i can’t understand, where are the titles stored? In the sourcecode i found only this: (stored != Database knownTitles)

// used for PLAYER__FIELD_KNOWN_TITLES field (uint64), (1<<bit_index) without (-1)
// can’t use enum for uint64 values
#define PLAYER_TITLE_DISABLED UI64LIT(0x0000000000000000)
#define PLAYER_TITLE_NONE UI64LIT(0x0000000000000001)
#define PLAYER_TITLE_PRIVATE UI64LIT(0x0000000000000002) // 1

#define PLAYER_TITLE_HAND_OF_ADAL UI64LIT(0x0000008000000000) // 39
#define PLAYER_TITLE_VENGEFUL_GLADIATOR UI64LIT(0x0000010000000000) // 40

#define MAX_TITLE_INDEX (KNOWN_TITLES_SIZE*64) // 3 uint64 fields


For me it seems like the titles are extraced from a DBC file, correct? Because of:

DBCStorage sCharTitlesStore(CharTitlesEntryfmt);

char const CharTitlesEntryfmt[] = "nxssssssssssssssssxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxi"; // -> DBCfmt.h

Greetings, FireEmerald

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Titles are held in the DBC file CharTitles.dbc.

Did this answer your question, or, was your question about the current titles of a particular character? because that is a whole different thing, and would be stored in the DB as a bitmask.

@Paradox yes, this was my question as i already wrote: [COLOR=rgb(40,40,40)](stored != Database knownTitles) /emoticons/default_wink.png[COLOR=rgb(40,40,40)]