Larger (custom) loot bag


I make some bags to loot quickly some stuff but I saw that I cannot go more than 16 items, but I would like to make some who can loot 17/18 items, is there a limitation or can I edit settings?


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@Aokromes Thanks for the (fast :slight_smile: ) answer but maybe I wasn’t clear because I mean, I make a custom bag (item) and it make only 16 loots, but there is more in it so I can’t have the rest

Here is the example of the bag :

and what is in it :

ahhh, try to use reference loot template, never tried to make bags containing items.

It seems to be client restrictions, I will do it without for now, until I learn to edit the client

two boxes

one inside one

You can’t do that - loot can only contain up to 16 items