LFG reward

How can i change LFG reward?

For example i want Emblem of Triumph instead of Frost for random heroic dungeon

same thing for normal random dungeon

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This is not a customization, it is play the content gradually…

If you look in the DB at the [FONT=‘courier new’]lfg_dungeon_rewards[/FONT] table, you’ll see the [FONT=‘courier new’]firstQuestId [/FONT]and [FONT=‘courier new’]otherQuestId [/FONT]columns – these are the [FONT=‘courier new’]entry [/FONT]numbers in the [FONT=‘courier new’]quest_template[/FONT][FONT=arial] table [/FONT]for the “quests” you complete on dungeon completion and thus the rewards you get. You can either clone the existing records and point the [FONT=‘courier new’]firstQuestId[/FONT]/[FONT=‘courier new’]otherQuestId [/FONT]at the new rows or modify the existing rows to reward the [FONT=‘courier new’]entry [/FONT]you want from the [FONT=‘courier new’]item_template [/FONT]table.