Linux IDE

Does any of the devs have any tips on what IDE to use for Trinity while on Linux?

Im a java dev, so i use eclipse which is crossplatform.

I noticed a lot of the devs using VisualStudio, which is not a option for me.

Code::Blocks doesn’t bad. Using it you can add files and folders recursively so you can quickly add everything what you need in project.

Eclipse (IDE) or NetBeans IDE 6.9

So we are talking about C++ IDE. I know that Eclipse has C++ support, but I haven’t heard something like that about NetBeans.

Eclipse does not support c++.

Yes, it does.

I love Code::Blocks, but GCC is really slow -.-

If i’m compiling the whole source (authserver, logonserver, worldserver/node) with my dualcore it takes about 1:30 hour…

hehehehe! I use vi and sometimes pico! /emoticons/default_biggrin.png

vim for the win:)

I like Eclipse CDT much or Netbeans

Netbeans 7 with C++ support here /emoticons/default_smile.png