[Linux] mapextractor process is incredibly long

I would like to point out that the process of extracting maps on linux is incredibly long since the last update. In 3h I make only 200 maps …

Commit hash: bfe4733

debug mode?

RelwithDebug as always.

I can try tonight on my Ubuntu box. I just extracted on linux last week, since i had some dbc errors that mysteriously went away. Anyhow, last week it was close to about 3 hours total for all vmap, mmaps, etc…

3h for aller maps dbc vmaps and mmaps with RelwithDebug mode ?

Yes. why, that is slow?

I am on debian and I take 2 days just for generate move maps :confused:

And today I do not understand why it’s so long 6h and maps are still to be generate :confused:

Never had this problem before.

Jesus, 2 days…?

I’m running a very bare Ubuntu 16.04 LTS server. Using an HP z800 sitting on a shelf in my office. Takes 2 minutes and 14 seconds to compile the core(w tools), then about 2hours and 52minutes to extract everything.

And yes, the z800 is overclocked with all hyperthreading enabled., but that should NOT take 2 days. Are you extracting on a rasberry Pi ?

And No, I’m not Andy :smiley:

Xeon 2 x E550

			8c / 8t
			2 GHz+
			16 Go [FONT=lato]ECC[/FONT]

I do not understand why is so long …

Maybe a developer can weigh in here, but it shouldn’t take 2 days. What other process’ are you running on the box?

nothing else.

I might be late to the party, but when you are running the extractor tools, can you open ‘top’ in a different terminal window?

It sounds like you either have severe I/O Wait times, or your system is busy with other stuff.

I’ve ran the extractors on a virtual machine (on a server that’s hosting 20 other VMs on a single i5 cpu) and it took a few hours, but nothing exciting.