Little CMS for TC 6.x

I hope that the forum section is right.

I wanted only you to know that I’ve started this project:

It is based on Battle.Net original website.
You will say "why are you doing this?! There is already FreedomCore (by Darki73) and AquaFlame.
Yes, I know it but I’m learning to use CodeIgniter, and since I’m fan of World of Warcraft I’ve decided to program this. (Also I think it’s difficult use an already existent project, since there is no documentation and the logic used is not mine, so sorry if I don’t used/continued FreedomCore).

Well, if you want to help, your help will be accepted! :wink:

See ya

I totally understand, I’m in the same situation of you… I think with the next web project I will start something with Symphony for the same reason

As I said to you on facebook, if you want to join you’re welcome

[COLOR=rgb(33,33,33)]I would make a great help, there is no “CMS” able to " TrinityCore "

CMS for trinitycore? Plenty of them. Blizzcms and Fusioncms were pretty much made for Trinitycore although they both support other cores they are built for TC lol

una guia como instalarlo hay varias db no entiendo cual es