login issue

hey guys, every time i login in to server it say: you have been disconnected from server.


set realmlist
set patchlist localhost


SET locale “enGB”
SET realmlist “”
SET portal “”
SET patchlist “localhost”

client log:

9/26 19:24:26.548 Login program=WoW platform=Win locale=enGB
9/26 19:24:26.575 Component WoW.Win.15595
9/26 19:24:26.606 Component WoW.base.15595
9/26 19:24:26.630 Component WoW.enGB.15595
9/26 19:24:26.661 Component Tool.Win.0
9/26 19:24:26.703 GRUNT: state: LOGIN_STATE_CONNECTING result: LOGIN_OK
9/26 19:24:26.731 Failed to resolve
9/26 19:24:26.763 GRUNT: state: LOGIN_STATE_FAILED result: DISCONNECTED
9/26 19:24:26.793 Login program=WoW platform=Win locale=enGB
9/26 19:24:26.818 Component WoW.Win.15595
9/26 19:24:26.848 Component WoW.base.15595
9/26 19:24:26.873 Component WoW.enGB.15595
9/26 19:24:26.904 Component Tool.Win.0
9/26 19:24:26.935 Client Disconnect due to reason:8

and also i patched wow.exe without any error and try many launchers and read this from https://community.trinitycore.org/topic/10656-updating-or-starting-with-trinitycore-issues/?do=findComment&comment=70086 :

4) i can’t connect i get Client Disconnect due to reason:8
i can’t connect i get Blizzard Error #105
You very likely have this on your connection log:Failed to resolve somedomain/ip.logon.battle.netyou get this error when you run unpatched wow binary you must compile TC with tools and patch wow binary with it…Be sure you patch wow binary on the computer you go to use it, you can’t simply copy wow binary from one computer to another.If you want to run wow on windows you must patch it with windows patcher, if you want to run wow on macos you must patch it on macos.

Core source:


thank you.