Looking for a specific commit

Was there any specific commit in last 6 months that permits a spell to be casted on mounted player, though I mean vehicles that make aggro - with spells. On 47 I don’t have this problem, but on a earlier one I have, so I’m wondering what exactly am missing, there no spells can be casted on such type of mounted players from SAI for example.

Not that I know of

Try using git bisect (Using Git bisect to figure out when brokenness was introduced | webchick.net) to find what commit fixed or broke that

Seems to me git bisect can’t be fully utilized without some way to downgrade the DB along with it…

You don’t have to, db structure doesn’t change that much and db data doesn’t matter for stuff like this

He even mentions the DB revision in his question, yes, it does matter.

My name is Nay but you are the naysayer here /emoticons/default_ph34r.png (it’s a joke)

sensei did mention DB version but that is hardly related to the problem

comparing DB versions is an easy way to tell what’s old and what’s new

as I said, db struct rarely changes; while git bisecting you don’t have to worry about it (unless the core doesn’t start (if you are unlucky))

you want to complicate? fine, import the db with correct sqls every single commit but it’s simply not needed