Looking for Character Boost script

I’m looking for a script that will create a lvl 60 character ready for adventuring in to TBC content, similar to what Blizz offers with character boosts today. I’ve looked for something similar but can’t seem to find anything. Ideally the script would create a lvl 60 toon in a faction capitol, with ilvl 65-80 gear, all (non-talent) spells up to lvl 60, 51 talent points available, all pre-BC flight points known, lvl 300 weapon skills, 4x 16 slots bags, standard riding trained with a mount, and any common needs in inventory (stacks of bullets, spell reagents, etc.). I’m waffling on old-world rep, secondary professions and money.

The specifics aren’t that important because they will need to be customized per class. I see the script being applied to an already player created character to eliminate name/sex/look issues (although race specific mounts would still be an issue I suppose).

If something like this already exists for recent versions of TC3.3.5, please enlighten me. I know that GM commands exist. I am not aware of how to GM add old-world flight points and would prefer not to type out 100+ commands per character.

Use the SOAP API.

Write the script (./boost.pl --toon charactername --realm id) that looks up the user, examine at their class, spec, primary skills, kicks them offline, boosts the level of the character and the skills, then strips them nude, and gives them dungeon 1 set or whatever, toys with some bags, and cab fair. You can give them dual spec gear easy enough (warrior, paladin, druid, rogue).

That hard part is deciding what gear to give them and integrating various customizations that people might have that exists. I just have hashes of slots and items per class.

If people think this is rough, I can gist this.

Please do.