Looking For PvP Info From WotLK Retail

As I work on my player_creature_honor pull request, I wanted to make the default honor point rewards as close to reasonable as possible. If anyone who used to PvP in WotLK remembers how much honor they used to get from an HK, please post any information you have.

At the moment I’ve been testing a default of 5 honor per kill (without any bonuses applied) which would mean 300 kills would allow you to buy a 1,500 honor item. Does this seem too low? Should it take more kills to get 1,500 honor? Since the script can be configured to allow honor from pretty much anything, it’s far easier to gain honor than strictly from hunting down players so I don’t want it to be too easy but I also don’t want it to take 6 months to be able to buy something either.

I read a couple wiki entries on wowwiki and it says honor is related to your level vs. your target’s level so it would also be a big help if someone could point out where that calculation happens in the core so I can possibly derive from it.

I didn’t PvP much on retail and I play solo on my server so I have no reliable way of examining the PvP process (which is why I’m writing the script in the first place).

Thanks in advance!

I never played on retail in 3.3.5 but I think I saw somewhere honor rewards rounding 20-30 honor.

Hmm, that seems like a lot. That’s only 50 kills to get a 1,500 HP item. I remember people bitching about how many HKs it took to get anywhere and I’d think you could get 50 HKs in a BG pretty quick.

In theory anyone can config the script how they want, I only chose such a low number because you can easily kill 100 NPCs in an hour if you enable just beast and humanoid, especially if you’ve got a quest with low drop rates.

I’ll have to hit up Youtube for some PvP videos and see what I can see.