[Lua] GUID range finder

Finally got annoyed enough to write a thing that finds unused GUID ranges for me. Someone told me to post it on forums so here you go.


[ol][li]Command-line Lua interpreter[/li]
[li]mysql in your path[/li]
Usage: [FONT=courier new]lua findguid.lua

[ [ []]][/FONT]

[ul][li]Username defaults to [FONT=courier new]trinity[/FONT], host defaults to [FONT=courier new][/FONT], world-schema defaults to [FONT=courier new]world[/FONT].[/li]
[li]num can be negative, in which case the script will terminate on the first exact match (so -2 will terminate on the first empty range of exactly 2 guids). Use it for small nums.[/li]
[li]table is the table name of any TC table that has a ‘guid’ auto-increment (creature, gameobject etc.)[/li]

You know, this exists for a long time too https://github.com/TrinityCore/TC-Unused-Guid-Search


It is also integrated in Keira2 and in TC-JSON-API