Map Sizes


One of the things I have enjoyed dorking around in classic with and remember ‘back in the day’ is being able to have more than 5 players / characters in a 5 man instance.

I have been struggling for a few nights trying to achieve this in 3.3.5, but its not an apparent restriction, but there is something about the map management that is unable to allocate the 6th character. I just cannot short circuit TRANSFER_ABORT_MAX_PLAYERS / CANNOT_ENTER_MAX_PLAYERS related checks and hack MapManager::PlayerCannotEnter ... all that does is generate an exception that the map was unable to allocate an additional player and sends the successive characters to their hearth. Even if all characters are GM.

This seems to be a DBC store related issue and not one of configuration or instance code.

Does anyone have any direction to point me toward?

Thank you!

I would suggest debugging worldserver line by line, starting from the opcode that triggers the teleport

Thank you, that makes a lot of sense.