Migrating from AzerothCore to TrinityCore in 2023?

Hi all. I’ve been running an AzerothCore server for a while now but I want to move to TrinityCore. AC bugs are a bit annoying, and some of their custom development has unfortunate consequences. I decided to dip my toe in and offer a patch for a broken thing, and while it worked and was arguably, good, safe, correct code, they didn’t want it because TrinityCore had a more comprehensive, useful system around the issue. (Worn Troll Dice.) And I agree, and I’ve seen enough bugs that TC has fixed years before that I’d like to migrate, but I want to bring all our character histories with us. I’ve got ten players with a bunch of time into their characters that they don’t want to lose.

What I’m curious about is if folks have tactical advice for making this migration. If there isn’t anything I’ll see about reversing the “TrinityCore to AzerothCore” guide they’ve got, but hearing from anyone who’s actually done this would be a huge confidence boost.

Technically it should be possible (it’s a matter of db matching).

Agreed, and moving the other way, AC has some guidelines. I was just wondering if anyone had tried it from this side and encountered any gotchas. If not and I’m literally the first, then I guess I can document what I do and how it goes so anyone else interested can reproduce it with some confidence that it’s not impossible.