Missing loot extracted from WoWHead

Hello all, I coded a tool in PHP (https://github.com/Helias/WoWHead-PHP-Extractors/) that compares the data of a local database with WoWhead, with this tool I extracted the missing loot of cataclysm new NPCs (NPCs with entry > 43274, which is the highest entry in 335 db).

I attached the lists of the NPCs with missing loots and missing npc_vendor…

I want to extract other data like vendor-trainer bugged and whatever I can. Moreover I was thinking to make an extractor of Fix (using WoWhead as source).

If you have some ideas to take advantage from this tool don’t hesitate to post your suggestions in this topic /emoticons/default_wink.png

revision: https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore_4.3.4_DB_Alpha/commit/fce4c1eb3fbe5507486d77bd902295c67e68aca2

edit: I re-uploaded the files. Now notepad can read it.





Nice work! Can you sniff all possible entries from WoWhead, with MoP entries too?

Yes, I need only a local db with the entries of MoP /emoticons/default_wink.png

I added the missing NPC vendor.

Over the years, many people have come up with ways to crap up their DBs with data from Wowhead, don’t expect this to be used or accepted as a source by the devs, wowhead has a lot of crap on it and only sniffs from official will get missing items added.

Yes, wowhead has a lot of crap but this tool checks if a NPC must loot or must sell something, it doesn’t make fixes using wowhead, it only makes a list of missing npc loot (or vendor, or trainer etc.) and I think that it could be useful.

Hey Helias, this sounds great but why are the attached .txt files in chinese?

Sorry, I use Linux, and on linux with Scite,gedit (and what else) I can read the files.

Now I saved the files with gedit (the default text editor of my distro linux) and notepad can read them.

I saw that notepad doesn’t read the “newline” but LibreOffice (and I think all Office - Word/Writer) can read very well the files.

(I already re-uploaded the files).

Over the years people have left to use other things because Trinity was lacking stuff. The devs should be careful to try and not add junk data, but they shouldn’t be so shortsighted as to refuse to add data just because they lack sniff data to validate everything. I’ve gone nearly insane before trying to farm nodes that didn’t exist in Trinity because there was no sniff data to add more nodes. Some of that stubborness by the devs has just driven people to the public servers they hate because the public servers add things the devs won’t.

Well, one response that is usually posted when people start bitching about the way the data is vetted, is that this is not intended for anyone to be able to play WOW at all, it’s just a nice side effect that it just happens to be at least somewhat playable for most people, the main drive of the project is not to provide a playable experience as good as official, at any cost, it is to do everything as close to official as possible, and to learn something along the way, testers are a good thing, players are anathema to the goals of the project, which is why the dev team doesn’t “officially” care about the fact that you can’t complete some quest line, unless there are sniffs and other data available that enables them to implement it properly, all that other stuff SHOULD be left to third parties to provide for people who wish to just play the game, at all costs, with no regard to proper data… The only complaint I have in this regard is, the dev team should figure out a way to have a proper third party support API (or, whatever) that would allow those third party devs to provide those “hacks” or whatever on top of the official code base, without resorting to repacks, forked repos that nullify the official dev team’s ability to support the main code base without interference from hacky fixes being forced in between those original lines of code, etc. In fact, if a properly written modular plugin interface was implemented, checking to see if the bugs being reported were caused by the main core, or some added on, third party code would be as easy as disabling the custom stuff in a conf file, or, by removing the plugin dll/so/whatever from the custom directory, etc. and not needing to download the pure source from github, compiling the clean core, and hoping that the custom DB stuff won’t interfere…