mobs doing things without scripts

so, i was looking at the northshire peasants and they are chopping at tree’s and gathering wood as they would on retail. but the thing is, i can not for the life of me figure out how, there does not seem to be a script or anything assigned to them. if anyone could shed some light on how this is happening. that would be awesome. trying to fix alot of the little things like this that are missing ect. the northshire peasants are the only ones i can find that are gathering wood as they should.


Their woodcutting animation is defined in creature_template_addon with their entry. They do it whenever they stand still.
Their movement and what they do at specific points is defined in waypoint_data which is linked to their specific spawns (guids) through creature_addon.
It seems the difference between waypoint and waypoint_data tables is that waypoint table is used by Smart AI and waypoint_data is the default waypoint system.

To get the waypoints of a specific guid you can run a query like

select * from creature_addon ca inner join waypoint_data wd on ca.path_id = where ca.guid = 80145;
where 80145 is a guid of a spawn for the NPC.

See the documentation of the related tables for more info (creature, creature_addon, waypoint_data).

ahh, that explains it, i will look in those tables then, ty!