Modifying trinket proc stats

Hey, is it possible to change trinket proc stats and if it is how. For example i would like to change proc stats to 1500str/agil instead of 450.

If not possible, would i be able to make custom trinket proc? Can’t find any numbers 450 in 67702 spell row in spell.dbc under that spell and not sure where to look now.

Im not in my own pc now so i cant tell you for sure but look into your “item_template” database and look for any of those items (47303 or 47115), look for his spell there, then go to your spell.dbc and shearch the spell. If the file 81 is 449 change it for 1499 and its done. Remember to delete cache before going into the game.

Sorry for my english and i hope it works. Good luck ^^

(The spell id is 67702, you dont need to look into item_template for the id but if you cant always use internet like me and dont remember the name of the spell but you know the item that have it this is a way to find the spell)