Monthly Trinity Revisions?

Looks like July was skipped. Will Revision 42 grace us with its presence now in August?

Maybe, let’s ask Mr. Owl. :wink:

TC needs db devs. I’m retired /emoticons/default_smile.png

great, who will bloat our core with their crap code now?

Ex-Microsoft employees?

Thank you for the revision in August. I have been very pleased with the monthly revisions and how stable they are. Having monthly revisions hand-chosen by Trinity Devs is a godsend, as the likelihood of a stable core is higher than if it’s done by someone who isn’t on the team.

It looks like September will pass us by without a revision, however, as did July. Is this something we should get used to? In other words, would you prefer that we update our cores ourselves from now on, or rely on the Is it stable thread for specifics? I’m just wondering about the future of this revision system so I’m prepared to do what is necessary for my server.

Much obliged.

Thank you to the Devs and all contributers . I really enjoy the TC project and appreciate the amazing work that is done on it .

I suppose another skipped month answers my question.

Well, thank you for the past revisions. Time to troll the Is it stable thread.