Multipel Account Login


i have a question it is possibel to make a Multipel Account System also 2 player can login with one account ?

And it if possibel who i can do it, can you give me a tip or code snippel ?


Why not ?

Because you can create as many accounts you need for free, why you must use 1 accounts for 2 persons?

I don’t will doable accounts on my server, and will say a player can play only with one account, but he can login 2x in Wow with this account.

i search in the source form authserver, but found nothing, and i try to found the event with debug but i found not the event =(

illegal public servers are not our concern.

WTF ? its only a WoW server like all TrinityCore server. And if i have a question to a TrinityCore Core, than i most post it here in the TrinityCore Forum…

can nobody help me =/ pls

Do never expect a answer from people working for free.

Nobody will help a person with your attitude. It’s possible but we cannot help you because we are retarded beginner fags.

  1. A many peple working for free because he are frindly or like to help other. If nobody work for free than most the trinityCore source cost money.

  2. I only asked if anyone can give me a tip or a source snippet where i can begin to try do it self. I dont will a full coded Authserver source. I like try it self and make it self too.

Still, it’s a fact. Then again, we can not satisfy everyone with their needs.
Iirc, it is impossible. Logical and technical problems that occur with the simultaneous use of one account for two persons. Server wouldn’t run stable at all. Disgard that idea.

TrinityCore is free because people work on what they want to, they do not want to help people with multipel account login Because it’s not interesting. And we will not give you a snippet, because we are evil satanic people who love to see people suffer of not getting help!

hm, okay you can close this topic if nobody have time or dont like to help me.

I think you are not evil satanic people.

It’s just that your English makes it impossible for one of us to help you. Perhaps you can find a language you speak fluently in this section and ask there for help:

I understood what he wants to do. He asks if it is possible to remove the account-access limitation - allowing multiply persons onto one account simultanously. If it is, someone should give him a sample of code or even the entire changed infrastructure. However, as I said, that is not possible. No matter how much he’d try to work around, TC as it is right now would not work with it.

Thx Ascathor /emoticons/default_smile.png

I feel for trying to not kick the current session once a new one connects and see what happens tbh! /emoticons/default_tongue.png

Do it.

Yes do it, thx LilleCarl