NaXX10 Patchwerk!

Hello community! In this post I want 2 talk about Patchwerk and the fight in NAXX10.
Me and a team completed whole Naxx10 in one evening. And one of the bosses we were a little sceptical over were Patchwerk.
Shouldnt the other tank not get damaged 2 when I get aggro? I mean the hateful strikes. I just can’t believe he’s that easy.
Check out the boss fight. I forgot 2 mention that we’re only using HC gear from dungeons ILVL 200 :slight_smile:

Fwiw, it seems easy for me as well in 3.3.5 to multibox him down in meh gear as well. It was also this way in retail wotlk that I could hit that boss, noth, and anub before I could clear some all heroic bosses handedly.

Not sure what version you are describing, but patchwerk's ability works ...

Hateful Strike - Patchwerk will use this ability every 1 second, hitting the person with highest health in melee range for 27,750 to 32,250 (25 Player: 79,000 to 81,000) physical damage, mitigated by armor. As a physical attack, Hateful Strike can be dodged, parried, or blocked. This ability also adds threat to the top 2 (25 Player: 3) people in Patchwerk’s threat table.

Which seems at a glance to be what is in head.

Non-HeroicOnly two tanks are needed. One main tank and a Hateful Strike soak tank.HeroicThree tanks are needed. One main tank and two Hateful Strike soakers.


“Not sure what version you are describing, but patchwerk’s ability works …” my version is fully up-2-date.

I don't get it.... If [B]Hateful Strike[/B] works, then I should take damage aswell when my warrior tank mate has highest threat on boss, which means I should soak the [B]Hateful Strike[/B]. The problem is that I am not taking any damage at all or dodging anything while he's tanking... Btw I am [B]Plsgovegan[/B]

When I am thinking about it, I think the boss buggs out when Dixo dies in the beginning

Also u can see in 2:10 that I am just standing there, bored. :smiley:

Interesting, I just entered naxx and fought patchwerk 10man normal

[li]two characters [/li]
[li]a warrior with 200k health had 100% threat, auto attacking in def stance … “.cheat god” mode applied[/li]
[li]priest with “.mod hp 999999999” health and hitting him with her staff, with 23% threat (not god mode but obviously close)[/li]
[li]the priest eats all the hatestrikes every second (20k hits) … the warrior doesnt take a single one once the characters are in position[/li]
[li]the warrior takes all the physical damage hits from patchwerk (patchwerks melee swing hits for 5k physical damage"[/li]
[li]obviously they both take slime damage :slight_smile: [/li]
I noticed all the abominations respawn super quick so i was taking a look at them .npc info and in the database alt-tab’ed

Nothing changed with patchwerk for 2-3 minutes

I moved the priest away to “.damage 10000000” the respawns and look at the other room.

I noticed:

[li]Priest stopped taking hatestrikes when out of melee range (duh)[/li]
[li]Warrior didnt start taking hatestrike, was still taking physical damage and slime damage[/li]
I knew if I walk out of the room I get insta-killed, so I jumped over the river and poof:

[li]dead priest[/li]
[li]warrior starts taking hatestrikes[/li]
When i .revive’ed the priest and got back into range patchwerk ignored her

It would seem at a glance if you want to avoid hatestrikes (exploit), the off tank just needs to get into the mix and run away. It seems that hatestrikes are somewhat sticky.

His enrage seems very limited (it ends) as does his slime spam.

That said seems like you could reproduce this pretty easy, a third character might be ideal data and a combat log.

@Ibeatdungeon hmm. Hard 2 me finding a conclusion.

The question is, are we dealing with a BUG / exploit? 

Also the same team were playing on Warmane + Dalaran-WoW it seems weird 2 me, that we never experienced the "exploit" on either Dalaran-WoW or Warmane. I think we're dealing with a wrong scripted boss?  :o 

Also a good point in my video that I forgot 2 mention it’s funny 2 see that 0:58 in my video, that when “Spytiskede” starts tanking then I start tanking the Hateful Strike ability once again. I think it’s because I am now the one with second threat on the threat table now! :o

Seriously, login yourself or use a few target dummys with billion health and you get your answer on how the script works. Skada will break down the hatestrikes clearly for you.

The issue I was able to create where when the soak target can just leave melee range and the hatestrikes stop seems like a bug, but I likely didn't explore all that I should have. But at a glance it looks like you can walk patchwerk away from the off tank soak and the hatestrikes stop entirely. I am sure a combat log will suffice for a bug if you recreate it (noting that no more hatestrikes occur after time index so and so)

I don’t see the script in HEAD how the fight is easy if you dont dork with the encounter, hatestrikes are occurring every second and the damage he deals out is the same ole rapid fire patchwerk. If you have a lot of dodge or other mitigation the fight is extremely easy … but the fight is easy (discipline priest op)

@Ibeatdungeon I love how u say (Disc priest op) :smiley:
In this Patchwerk fight I rather a Holy paladin than a Disc priest! ^^