Need help, first time setting up a server

I was following the TrinityCore setup guide seen here for 3.3.5 branch, found here:

I’m finding the guide very confusing and not at all intuitive so I figured I’d ask for help:

So far I have extracted maps, vmaps, mmaps etc, however did not get:

Processing Map 724
Extracting GameObject models…Extracting World\Wmo\Band\Final_Stage.wmo
No such file.
Couldn’t open RootWmo!!!

Extract V4.00 2012_02. Work complete. No errors.
Despite not getting this i’ve ran the cmd actions several times and i’m going to assume (because I have no other option) that is an intended message for master branch only.

[ul][li][FONT=‘Courier New’]The following settings must be verified:[/FONT][/li]
[li][FONT=‘Courier New’]The hostname ( can stay the same if Trinity is being installed on the same computer that you run WoW on.[/li] Otherwise, follow the instruction in Realmlist Table if this is not the case. [/FONT]


[ul][li][FONT=‘Courier New’]The port (3306) is the standard configured value. Depending on your settings, you must change it accordingly.[/FONT][/li]
What settings?

[ul][li][FONT=‘Courier New’]The username and password can be variable. You can choose to either:[/FONT][/li]

			[FONT='Courier New']Run on your [I]root [/I]password you used when you installed MySQL Server Community Edition (e.g. 'root':'password'), which is[B] strongly not recommended[/B] if the server is somehow public.[/FONT]
		[li][FONT='Courier New']create an unique login within a User Manager within your preferred database management tool (commonly identified by an icon that looks like a person or people) and give it necessary permissions (SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE permissions are sufficient, and is much safer).[/FONT][/li]			

Username? for what? what are we even doing here?

[ul][li][FONT=‘Courier New’]All other default options should be sufficient, but it is recommended that you take some time after your server is finished to read through the configs and see all the ways to customize your server.[/FONT][/li]
What does that entire section even mean? verify? what? where? I have “an sql client” but no idea how to even use it. for an initial user this may as well be written in windings.

[FONT=‘Courier New’]Download the latest database compilation from TrinityCore Downloads (you may need to click on Next at page footer to see the proper TDB files).[/FONT]

[FONT=‘Courier New’]Click the database release you want to download, scroll down to the bottom and you should see a link to download TDB_full_*.7z the green Download button on top right next to right column.[/FONT]

terribly outdated I believe.

There are multiple .sql files to choose from in the .7z archive. If this is your first time installing TrinityCore, you will ONLY need the file/s with the name starting by “TDB_full” on your worldserver directory

Okay, a few things here, there is only one file in the archive and it started with TDB_full, also where is the “Worldserver directory” at all? what the hell are “Worldserver binaries”? this is really ambiguous, is it referring to C:\Trinity\src\server\worldserver? before this point, no such directory has even been mentioned.

[FONT=‘Courier New’]to create the MySQL databases needed by Trinity, you need to execute the following MySQL queries:[/FONT]

[ul][li][FONT=‘Courier New’]For 3.3.x:[/FONT][/li]

			[FONT='Courier New'][]([/FONT]

[FONT=‘Courier New’]You can perform this with a MySQL client or with the MySQL command-line interface (CLI). You would need a MySQL root account before starting core.[/FONT]

Okay? where? how? any visual guide? not even a written guide? guess not, completely unfollowable instructions, running these commands “as is” in the MySQL CLI (5.6) returns that these lines affect 0 rows. was I meant to log in? was I meant to set things up? where? absolutely zero communication of this.

I will try and help out a little, but i’m not going to build the server for you, you are going to need to read, re-read and if still not unsure google is your friend.

Lets start here. Everything above this is probably OK

This is talking about the mysql installation. When you installed this you will have provided a password. The way you access the mysql database is via a username and password. The default username is root. The password is the one you used when installing mysql. You can test access on a command line using mysql -uroot -p. If it works you should have a mysql prompt. If it fails for authentication … you will need to re-install and be more careful.

You can either leave it at default or create a new user and password setting the permissions as described. I would suggest for a starter, Its easier to do this using a database editor such as HEIDISQL or SQLYOG

I believe its talking about the worldserver.conf file. You need to edit that and apply your settings. specifically the username and password for you mysql server. Read through the config file as there are lots of settings in there that affect the game.

The next section is the main database download. You need to download that .7z file and extract it and put the TDB_FULL file in your BIN folder where the wroldserver.exe file is.

Then you need to use a software too such as Heidisql or SQLYOG (Google them and look at some examples) to import the database configuration files. The only file you need to import is the create_mysql.sql. That one sets up the individual databases ‘auth’ ‘characters’ and ‘world’

The main database will import when you run the worldserver.exe for the first time.

Hope that helps in some way.