Need help or tutorial: modifying creature for lower-level groups for special event

Hi all - sorry if this is covered in an existing thread but I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for via Search:

I want to create a special event for a group of 10-15 players, approx. level 42-45 on a V.3.3.5 (WotLK) server. I know how to use the Trinity admin panel to summon and Del a Creature. I was thinking I’d like to drop Onyxia in the middle of Ogrimaar and have a group come in and fight her, but at such a low level (plus in such small numbers) I know they’ll be slaughtered in like 10 seconds tops.

What I’d like to do (unless someone can suggest a different approach) is nerf Onyxia’s HP and damage output so as to be challenging for my group, but still do-able. Is this even possible? Ideally I’d like to make a copy of the Onxia ID with a different name + different, unique ID (so I can find her in creature search using the Trinity panel) and the modified stats so the original Onyxia can remain in-place.

Is what I’m considering even possible? I chose Onyxia because of the resting animation of the model, it’s impressive size, and its animations. Drops won’t matter as I will hand out rewards using the admin panel afterwards, so I’m not too worried about the loot table, just about creating a version of the mob that’s potentially killable (with difficulty) by my group. I do NOT want to artificially up-level the players or do anything to change the stats they’ve already accumulated up till now.

If anyone could link me to a tutorial on copying/modifying an existing creature, and/or can give advice on how I can modify Onyxia so that she won’t just lay waste to every player instantly, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks a million in advanced for your help!

PS - so sorry if this belongs in the Custom Code or different area - admins please feel free to move this thread as appropriate. My bad if I posted in the wrong place, but I was hoping this was something that people can do and that there’s a tutorial on how it’s accomplished that I’m just missing… Thanks!!

There’s so much wrong here, i barely know where to begin, but, let’s see, for starters, wrong section, we don’t support illegal public servers, bosses spawned outside of instances tend to crash the server because they are not scripted in a way that would allow that (unless someone has finally fixed this, and I didn’t catch that commit) admin panel? I bet this is some crappy repack… which we also don’t support, no matter what section you ask in.

I suggest to copy the NPC and after that you can modifiy the values.

However a lot of basic values are level dependent in Trinity and you will find these data in the creature_classlevelstats table.

Again, sorry for the wrong section; I’m new (obviously), so please move the thread as appropriate.

Magnifikator - THANK YOU very much! I saw the creature_classlevels table while poking around the Trinity wiki and THOUGHT it worked that way, and appreciate the confirmation.

Re: duping the creature using a unique creature ID value - After looking at the Trinity DB wiki, we actually are now favoring the approach of first backing up the current creature templates and files, then modifying the existing rather than duping, simply because it looks like there’s a GREAT deal of cross-linking to other tables using the unique creature ID value. Obviously we’re wanting the (modified) creature to be able to utilize existing AI routines, animations, etc., just hit less hard and have lower armor and HP so it’s possible to be defeated by a group of lower-level characters.

Appreciate it! If anyone has any advice on potential min/max damage values, multipliers, or other things we will need to adjust downwards, I’d really appreciate it.


This is definitely in the wrong section, and don’t ever say you want to have a public server, that’s a no no.

Ask for help in the custom code section, but don’t ask for help how to illegally market your sever.

EDIT: wow that was weird, It posted before me and I posted like 10 minutes earlier, but somehow I’m on the bottom. oh well… /emoticons/default_tongue.png

I’m not sure how to move the thread - can an admin please move it?

Re: public vs. private: this is ABSOLUTELY NOT a public server; it’s 100% private by invitation only for the use of a small group of friends. Sorry if this wasn’t clear in my original post.

No It’s clear my friend, but you were mentioning on “marketing” it.

Next time just ask, “hey how do I do this?” /emoticons/default_wink.png

I’m sorry, Posthumus - where in my posts do I ask about marketing? A “Ctrl+F” on this entire page for “market” only shows your posts (and this one, now). Maybe you’re confusing my question with another thread?

In any case, I DO NOT need or want any help with marketing, as this is a 100% private server. /emoticons/default_smile.png

Like I said, next time just ask, “How do I do this?”

Thanks, mods, for moving this to the correct section.

My current question, if anyone can assist, is if I want to downscale the threat level of a big boss MOB like Onyxia to make her killable by a group of Lvl.42-45 characters, do I only have to change the entries in creature_classlevels, or must I also adjust entries in the actual creature template and/or other tables? Any suggestions on what to use as values (assuming a group of approximately 15-20 Lvl 42-45s) would also be GREATLY appreciated.

Thanks a million in advance!

Changes in creature_classlevelstats will affect all NPCs. You can change the level of Onyxia or better to copy the template.

@Paradox: AI shouldn’t be loaded any more if boss is not in any instance per default, checking the instance is still done at the script level

So, you’re saying it was fixed, and I missed the commit? if so, good.

Re: spawning bosses outside their raid instance - I actually tested this by using the Admin panel to summon (an un-modified) Onyxia into the center of Orgrimaar. She killed all the NPC guards in her immediade vicinity, then laid down and waited for them to respawn (and killed them all over again when they re-spawned). After about 20 minutes of this the server was still running and had not crashed. I couldn’t tell if Onyxia’s AI was running correctly because she killed the guards so quickly that she never needed to access any of her special attack functions. Re: the server - not sure if this is a “crappy repack” of Trinity or not - all I know is it’s a 3.3.5 version, sorry.

Magnifikator - thanks as always for the info!

You would have known right away, because what it used to do is immediately crash the server, and it couldn’t be restarted until someone went in and removed that boss’ spawn from the DB.

Well it must be fixed in the 3.3.5 version I have then - good to know.

Anyone have any advice on settings for modifying the template? We’re running this Sunday if I can get it changed in time. Thanks!!