.NET WoW Core

Is there any wow emulator in c#?

For example a TrinityCore C# version?

I'm looking at least for a core where you can do basic things like Log In, select character to log in the world and visit all maps.

No, i’m not looking for Arctium, you can’t even log in with that core…

There’s no TrinityCore C# and I have never saw a fully fledged C# WoW server but there have been some attempts:

[li]https://github.com/Trinity-Encore/Encore Encore which was once endorsed by TrinityCore[/li]
[li]https://github.com/WCell/WCell WCell[/li]

Well i have one i been working on in my spare time. its a copy of TC converted to C#.

Its never been tested on a big scale, and not sure how well its been converted. But feel free to take a look around.


Thanks guys, i’ll give a look at all of these core!

@hondacrx can you log in / select character / see the world on that core?

Update: I LIKE IT :smiley: https://github.com/LuigiElleBalotta/CypherCore