New Project question

I am looking into doing something I am not sure should even be attempted. And I am here looking for thoughts on how or if this would even be possible.

I want to create a new server with a twist.

I would like for this server to be primarily Vanilla based. But with extras.

I want to bring to vanilla the quality of life changes that are in the game now… with the old feel. Like transmog… looking for group… all the new mounts… character models… spell effects… legendaries… ect.

But remove things like leveling above 60. The new zones… heirlooms… recruit a friend stuff… and whatever else I deem.

I’m OK with using cata version of azeroth so I can leave those quests in place and leveling. Which means I can backbone off of a legion server

So my question is… would this be feasible. I know it could be done… cause with a team of developers I could technically make the whole thing from scratch… but could this be done with the right coding and manipulation

If I am not mistaken, open worldserver.conf and set the last line to

Expansion = 0



Description: Allow server to use content from expansions. Checks for expansion-related

map files, client compatibility and class/race character creation.

Default: 6 - (Expansion 6)

5 - (Expansion 5)

4 - (Expansion 4)

3 - (Expansion 3)

2 - (Expansion 2)

1 - (Expansion 1)

0 - (Disabled, Ignore and disable expansion content (maps, races, classes)

Expansion = 6[/CODE]

To add to what Exodius mentioned, there isn’t much code manipulation that needs to be done. And your “twist” is called a “progression” server. They are all over the place.

It will prevent players from accessing the additional talents, and content. But at some time they will want to run into areas of new content and creatures of higher level.