New website layout suggestion

This is a new responsive layout for our homepage I’ve created basing on the current one (I used the same content, just changed the layout):

it should be also mobile-friendly, I’ve tested it on my Nexus 5 and it seems good.

If you like it and want to use for the TrinityCore homepage, I would be glad to give you the source code

EDIT: I’ve uploaded the source code here.

This should definitely be used! Better looking, more attractive! /emoticons/default_biggrin.png

i like this!

Looking slick. Though it feels just a little bit cluttered in my opinion; perhaps consider reducing the size of the top bar? Or otherwise, what’s the login used for? If forums, you may want to consider keeping that in the hands of IPB natively and instead move forum/info/doc/contrib over there. But overall looks very modern, I like it.

I can’t reduce the size of the top bar due to Ohloh, zip, tar, etc… image links. As I said, I’ve just remade the layout, but I used the very same contents of the old webpage, trying to put existing elements in the best place.

However, mobile version is a bit different, there isn’t login form and the icons are hidden:

but you can press the top-right button and show/hide them:

The login form is used to log in forums, I wanted to shorten the login process starting from homepage, before it was:

load homepage → load forums → open login form & sign in

now it is:

load homepage → sign in

Hm. I don’t think I’d have ever guessed those two file icons are download buttons for TrinityCore to be honest, I imagine most people would go straight to ‘How to compile’. I feel the zipball/tarball icons are unnecessary clutter (you may want to implement a tracker on the page otherwise though, to see what users do when they visit the page, see what’s useless).

You also have two buttons for the same thing - the little book icon and ‘how to compile’ all lead to

Honestly though, I use IPBWiki to implement my forum data across various other web applications, which is why I personally have a way to login outside of the actual IPB forums, but in your case since the account data is not actually shared with any other application anywhere I wouldn’t really recommend adding a login form on the homepage, it can be very misleading as to its purpose.

I agree with you, I would remove those buttons too, but as said I just remake the layout, ask to the admin for contents change.

maybe this helps?

wow, it looks really nice and by removing the complete tob bar it will give a good overview of the hole project I think

Any news?