No dmg_min1 - arcane_res in the db


i got a problem, i just wantet to create a custem item and then i have seen there is no dmg_min1, dmg_max1, dmg_type1, dmg_min2, dmg_max2, dmg_type2, armor, holy_res, fire_res, nature_res, frost_res, shadow_res, arcane_res, delay, ammo_type. So I want to ask where are they or what must i change to get them back into the db?

Sorry blizzard removed those from item_template on 4.3.4. Also, this don’t belongs to H&S.

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This thread is not related to the official Trinity codebase and was moved to the Custom Code section.

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so that means there is now way to get it back? :confused: