Noobs questions about command names and macro's players

Hello! i want to create a macro for a character but i can not find any table that allows me do macros.

Another question:

I have been told that I can change a command name modifying the DB and without do changes in the source code. How can i do this?


Macros are stored in one of account_data tables if their owner configured the client to save config on server (beware, its not a macro storage only, it also has other settings and isnt exactly a text field, its binary)

And for second question: that is completely false, you must change it in source

Hello! Where is that config? As a wow player I have never seen that option

It cannot be configured in options GUI, you need to set it with /console

These are the cvars used (all enabled by default): synchronizeMacros, synchronizeBindings, synchronizeConfig, synchronizeSettings