Northrend Graveyards wont work

[COLOR=rgb(170,170,170)]Hi there, could I get some help, in the topic. Just to get some backstory, I have a custom trinitycore 3.3.5a server with many custom models, zones, etc. I succesfully created custom graveyards in zones like Pandaria and Draenor (the ones from Kronixusa), following this tutorial. … graveyard/[COLOR=rgb(170,170,170)]I have created graveyards for custom zones in Custom maps and in deserted zones like Hyjal that have no graveyards. [COLOR=rgb(170,170,170)]HOWEVER, I foudn out that none of the graveyards work in Northrend and if I die there, I will just get ported to westfall or barrens. I dont know how to fix this. I even tried to remake new custom gyards copying everything from the original custom graveyards of northrend using the tutorial above, but all I get when trying to use this command, .linkgrave X (X being the new graveyard ID) is the message "“CANNOT LINK TO NON EXISTING ZONE OR SUBZONE #INTERNAL ERROR”[COLOR=rgb(170,170,170)]Thanks for you help!



pandaria? uldum? dbc files? 5 digits graveyards? idk what core are you using, but no 3.3.5a or 7.x

Also, we don’t support client files modifications.

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