npc_escortAI: make pacified creature attackable while moving

Hi everyone.

Trying to make some custom quests and faced weird problem: I need to make creature attackable for other NPCs, but still pacified (not aggroing/attacking other mobs).
Already tried many cases with unit_flags and react states, but creature keeps going into attack<->evade mode during moving.

Can some one provide simple example or mb NPC which has waypoint + moving + can be target for attack + doesnt attack anyone in combat state?

Have you tried using NULLAI? (see creature_template AIname column)

Maybe you could try using a C++ AI that has nothing in it.

Already found solution, forgot to override EnterEvadeMode (thought I did it) >_<
Btw, ainame replaced by scriptedai, since Im already used npc_escortAI to handle this actions.