[Npc/fix] Xon'cha

-- Npcflag for Xon'cha UPDATE `creature_template` SET `npcflag`= `npcflag` | 4194305 where entry = 9988; -- Gossip Menu for Xon'cha DELETE FROM `gossip_menu_option` WHERE `menu_id`=11971; INSERT INTO `gossip_menu_option` (`menu_id`,`id`,`option_icon`,`option_text`,`option_id`,`npc_option_npcflag`,`action_menu_id`,`action_poi_id`,`box_coded`,`box_money`,`box_text`) VALUES (11971,0,0,'I''d like to stable my pet here.',14,4194304,0,0,0,0,''); [/SQL]

Bug: The stable master Xon’cha in Orgrimmar Xon’cha has no function

Missing where clause in the update creature_template query (atm it updates all creatures)

if i remember¸I proposed a fix for the npc flag (stable master) which was accepted. simply set the flag to its value|1.

– Npcflag for Xon’cha

UPDATE creature_template SET npcflag=npcflag|4194304 WHERE entry=9988;

– Gossip menu option for Xon’cha

DELETE FROM gossip_menu_option WHERE menu_id=11971;

INSERT INTO gossip_menu_option (menu_id,id,option_icon,option_text,option_id,npc_option_npcflag,action_menu_id,action_poi_id,box_coded,box_money,box_text) VALUES

(11971,0,0,‘I’‘d like to stable my pet here.’,14,4194304,0,0,0,0,‘’);

Works like it should.

You’d be dumb if you don’t remember what you fixed. ^^

Ok sorre i have forgot 'where entry = 9988;

Thanks discover /emoticons/default_wink.png

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