Old Source to Current

I have an old source code from probably 3-4 years ago that I’ve been using. I’d like to update to TC’s current souce, but not wanting to lose all of the custom content, is there a way to keep the custom content and update to current? Or possibly a way to export the content, then import after setting up the current files without screwing everything up?


That’s not possible without a LOT of manual work.

It depends on the amount of custom changes that you have but I’d start with a clean current TC and add to it the features or scripts that you have in your old sources, one by one.

That’s what I was afraid of. I’ve got a good chunk of the sql/c++ files, but there is a good amount that isn’t anywhere but in the database.

I’m finally getting around to updating. I’ve got auth and characters updated and using a clean (current) world databse. Everything seems to be ok for the most part except I have lost the personal bank space that was purchased. All the items that were in banks are being sent through the mail. Can’t seem to figure out why the purchased bank tabs are gone. Any idea how to get the previously purchased tabs back?

Here’s one of the errors from the server log regarding the item being sent by mail.

Player::_LoadInventory: Player ‘abcd’ (GUID Full: 0x0000000000001ec9 Type: Player Low: 1234) has item (GUID Full: 0x4000000000f868a9 Type: Item Low: 16279721, entry: 4338) which can’t be loaded into inventory (Bag 10062830, slot: 35) by reason 40. Item will be sent by mail.

I’ve found the items that should be in the bank. Looking through the database and comparing character_inventory and item_instance to what is posted online, it all seems to match up so not sure why.

If someone in game buys a bank tab, where is that info stored?

bankSlots column in characters table

Thank you. Will look after I get home.