On item use question

For example if the item is a weapon and it requires to be equiiped first to be use the spell if has one it shows this message if you havent equipped:

You must equip that item to use it.

Where do I find this in the core ^?

void Player::CastItemUseSpell(Item* item, SpellCastTargets const& targets, uint8 cast_count, uint32 glyphIndex)

What im trying is to allow players for example to use goblin rocket boots without equiping,

I have tried to remove this check on void WorldSession::HandleUseItemOpcode(WorldPacket& recvPacket)

// some item classes can be used only in equipped state
if (proto->InventoryType != INVTYPE_NON_EQUIP && !pItem->IsEquipped())
    pUser->SendEquipError(EQUIP_ERR_ITEM_NOT_FOUND, pItem, NULL);

When using this macro:

/use Itemaname

Still says that message You must equip that item to use it.

Possibly a client limitation ?

and maybe yes…

ItemOnUse requires you to be wearing the item.


There is a condition in the database (conditions table) that is called CONDITION_ITEM_EQUIPPED = 3

I’m not very experienced in Trinitycore so I may say something completely wrong but maybe that’s the problem.