Only One Faction See

I wonder how it would be more or less a code so that a certain NPC only be seen by a particular faction. check the spell_area and the auras in creature_template_addon

and if this is something related to custom stuff, next time ask in the correct forum section

But the description of the forum said “This forum is for discussing the TrinityCore code base. If you are writing the patch and do not understand the function / class / etc, then post here…” The phrase is taken quite literally. Doing this section is only open for explanation of functions? Thanks for the reply.

It means to the blizzlike base, look the custom code’s one “Writing a custom patch that would never be included in the core and need help? Post here. Looking for a custom patch? Post here.”

Excuse me but I do not quite understand. So this area also works for requests for patches?

It means this area is only for blizzlike code and not for custom non-blizlike code.

I understood perfectly. Well I’m trying to do the instance Halls of Reflection funcionarmas I’m not doing very well with the functions and so on. and examples are not helping me much, I wonder what use SetData function that is used for example in the following line:

m_pInstance->SetData(TYPE_FALRIC, SPECIAL);

If someone could help me in this same topic, thank you. Thank you for your attention and answers.Thanks,bigCheat.

well, could have said that in the first post.

I only know how it works and how to use it in SmartAI, so this might help.

Setting data to a specific NPC is like triggering. For example when it enters combat you can make it do some actions, like this:

            void EnterCombat(Unit* /*who*/)

                instance->SetBossState(DATA_BOSS, IN_PROGRESS);

                // Set zone in combat

That will all happen when the boss enters combat. Now if you use the function DataSet it will allow you to trigger stuff randomly.

Pff, hard to explain……cript.cpp#L1000…cript.cpp#L2527


And how would a script to change the state attack the boss and make him go to a waypoint accurate?