Paladin Trainer Bug

Hi, i guess this is a known bug…

Problem: When trainer teach you Summon Warhorse It stuck or stop teaching you, right?

TC hash/revision? all (since i’m using tc) It’s a general bug so shouldn’t ask for this…

I’m confused… theres no fix for this? must i open a new issue??

I think is a id problem…

EDIT: sorry! Should be Summon Charger!

It’s teach, simply not removed from trainer list.

Yes, thats right. So difficult is? No one want to fix it…

I guess there’s other more important things to fix.

I think the issue is in the fact that it trains both riding and the mount. I think that breaks the check to see if the player already knows it. And this exists for all classes that have a class mount.

This as been broken for years.

I hate that bug. I just close the trainer dialog and start it again so the other trainable skills show up easier.

I know why it’s not working!!

Epic fail!!! haha /emoticons/default_biggrin.png

It’s simple, if devs haven’t time, i can fix it.

Please do post code. I’d do it but have no internet at home and therefore no way to pull myself a core.

In trainer theres requeriments that arent in db… maybe in code script?

I find in DB table npc_trainer entry 200021 but havent a ‘reqskill’ value

Where i can find it?

Look around in the raw C++ code.

where exactly? dir? please hehe

this link already exists:

summon charger requires summon warhorse as shown below

SELECT * FROM `spell_required` WHERE `spell_id`=34767;
| spell_id  | req_spell |
|  34767	|  34769	|


hmmz dig some more came up with the following:

DELETE FROM `spell_required` WHERE `spell_id` IN (34766,34767,23214,23215);
INSERT INTO `spell_required` (`spell_id`,`req_spell`) VALUES
(34766, 34769); -- LEARN: summon Charger should require you to KNOW the summon warhorse spell (HORDE)
(23214, 13819); -- LEARN: summon Charger should require you to KNOW the summon warhorse spell (ALLIANCE)

spell required… how could I not have seen it before?!!


Hmmmm, what happen if you execute that query? nothing?

i think you misunderstood, the problem isnt with the mount spell requirement if not with the riding spell requirement. Did you saw in game?

Edit: In trainer requirements (in game) are level 40 (table npc_trainer) summon warhorse id 34767 (table spell_required) and Aprentice riding (Aprentice)… should be 33391 (journeyman)

My question is now: where is the last requirement, what table?

Hmmmm, i posted summon warhourse, but that spell is fine. The problem is when you’re learning Summon Charger and it only teaches that spell, nothing more. Why you said that? You get confused? sorry xD

As Aokromes said, the spell isn’t removed from the list, but why? I don’t know it 100% but maybe is for that, we dont lose nothing, best, we fix a bug /emoticons/default_wink.png

Sorry again, i posted it wrong!