[Patch]Beastmaster Script

Hello everyone,

This is an old beastmaster script I did in a free bored time, and wanna share it with the community, I know there are tons of scripts like this, but hope someone find it useful.

So, what does it do?

From WowWiki.com

The Beastmaster is a level 70 goblin hunter providing free pets to players and acting as a Pet Trainer and Stable Master. He can be found in all races’ starting areas on the Arena Tournament realms.

DISCLAIMER: the script uses the “pet” spells as supposed on the original NPC (I guess, Wowhead’s fault), so no glowing effects also only one spirit beast → blizzlike jk

Tested in e685b7b, but should compile without problems on head (1/10/14).

Get it here: https://gist.github.com/Mortos/8378135

Don’t forget to add it in Scriptloader, run the sql, npc ID is 26307.

I mainly written this to improve code, codestyle, (been a long time since last I coded in C++) so, open to suggestions, critics.