Patch-Preparation: Hammer of the Righteous


I’m preparing a patch for the spell Hammer of the Righteous.

At the moment, the spell is kind of having bugs. Normally it should proc the seal of the targeted mob at the affected mobs too (spell hits additional targets). Current rev only affects the targeted mob and only does “spelldamage” to the additional hit mobs.

I already have got the affected units/mobs but I need to know what types of debuff are getting spread around to the add-units.

If I have judged “Seal of Wisdom” to my maintarget and afterwards I use the Hammer-spell, what kind of spells have to be casted to the mobs hit in addition?

I’m asking this, as each hit also adds other paladin-debuffs (increase crit-chance etc.) - and I want to know whether they have to be added/“casted” too.

Thanks in advance,



Well judgements do not spread /emoticons/default_biggrin.png, only seal.

So with SoW there are no debuffs (only probably 3x chance to gain mana).

With SoV/SoCorr, HoR should apply HV/BC to all affected targets.