[Patches] [TDB 335.54] AutoCompleteQuests, AttackSpeedModifier, HonorGain, and various others fun patchs

Hello guys,

I just wanted to share my work on TrinityCore.

Since I play alone, I want to make the game as “soloable” as possible. To reach this goal, I’m trying to modify some parts of the game as I play, and I sometimes take inspiration in other games, for example Guild Wars 2 or Xenoblade Chronicles. I’ve also made some patchs just for fun or for making ingame time less tedious. You may eventually consider those patchs as cheating.

Everything is available in my github : https://github.com/lasyan3/TrinityCore

Basically, I’ve made those patchs (available in master branch):

[li]Some cheat patchs from Mangos (SpeedGame, NoCastTime, NoCooldown, HurtInRealTime)[/li][li][Combat] Change attack speed of players or mobs[/li][li][Fishing] The fish always catch your line almost instantly[/li][li][Quests] When you complete a quest, the quest giver is temporarily summoned next to you so you can end the quest (and pick new ones) without the need of going back to town (works only if the quest giver is also the quest ender!)[/li][li][Combat] Gain honor on guard and/or elite mobs (note that not all city guards will give you honor, it seems only capital and big city guards are flagged in the database)[/li][li][PvE] No aggro from grey mobs[/li][li][PvE] Change respawn speed of mobs[/li][/ul]

I’ve also included Trickerer’s NPCBots v4.0.21a (I cannot play without it anymore!) in the development branch (so currently dev branch = master + NPCBots).

And finally I’m also working on those (WIP branchs):

[li][Mount] Automatically remount after some events or actions (currently after harvest or loot)[/li][li][Quests] Autocap player’s level depends of the area (like in Guild Wars 2), so low-level quests are still interesting for XP (note that even if creature’s level display in grey, the aggro is also changed to fit the area’s level!)[/li][li][Quests] Drop quest items even if the player doesn’t have the quest (like in Xenoblade, so when you pick the quest you don’t have to fight again the monsters and you can instantly complete it)[/li][li][Loot] Change minimum loot rates, based on quality (in solo game, when rates are 0.000005%, you can just forget the item…)[/li][li][Loot] Only interesting loot (the player only loot equipment he can equip, and recipes he can learn)[/li][/ul]
Now, a little explanation about all this branchs mess:

[li]master : the only branch you should use on a public server. Patchs added inside are generally safe and fully tested (well, as always nothing is 100% perfect is this world /emoticons/default_wink.png[/li]
[li]development : the branch I use to test and polish the patchs in beta stage. You can use it for fun if you want. So in short, development branch = master + beta patches.[/li][li]TDB : branch containing the revs of TrinityCore, for update purposes only when a new revision is released.[/li][li]NPCBots_xx : branchs dedicated to the amazing NPCBots patch by Trickerer, only used to be merged with the last rev of TrinityCore, then added to the other branchs.[/li][li]others : each other branch is dedicated to a specific patch, generally in alpha stage. Since those branchs are not always rebased with last development/master branch, only curiosity would make you use one of those. But curiosity is not a bad thing, right? /emoticons/default_wink.png[/li]
Anyway, to play with this, you must start from revision TDB 335.54 of TrinityCore (I don’t support intermediary commits) and select the patch you want to apply (master or development, for now I only made those 2 patches, if you want to test some WIP branchs you’ll have to git pull). And also don’t forget to copy-paste the end of the file worldserver.conf.dist located in /src/server/worldserver to get all the configuration settings.

This post may be a little mess, sorry it’s been a while I’m working on TrinityCore but it’s my first public release (any advice is welcomed!).




These are some awesome patches! Would be nice to have individual patches, instead of a single main patch. Great work!