PDUMP to backup auth/tables/account table

Has anybody developed the command PDUMP WRITE to include dumping by account id? Say for instance I need to backup the account and all characters that are related to that particular account id in my current DB before I install the newer TDB_full_335.55_2014_08_24.

An example of what I would like to do is to use PDUMP according to the user account. After you enter the user account, it searches for all charaters related to that account and writes all the account and characters DB info for that account to a single file to be used with PDUMP LOAD, which would re-populate the newer DB with the user account and all the characters for that single account id.

I sugested that here http://www.trinitycore.org/f/topic/8146-random-trinitycore-ideas/ long time ago /emoticons/default_smile.png

First question is, why do you need to create a whole new character DB, instead of just updating your current one, second question is, you do realize that if there are significant changes between your version and latest, pdump will actually fail, whereas updating will not, right?

Sorry for taking so long to get back.

There’s been to many times where the updates have crashed out when I tried to apply them. Spend several hours trying to reseach and figure out what I done wrong, then wind up just having to rebuild the DB any way. So any more, I find it faster and easier to get the updated TDB, then pdump all characters to files, install the new TDB, then pdump load all the characters back into the DB. I’ve not had any problems doing it this way so far, so I got to wondering if there might be a way to pdump by account id. This way it would find all the characters for that account, write the file out so that account id has all of their characters written to one file, and then load them back with one file.

I did not know that pdump would fail. I’ve not had that happen to me yet. It was just a thought, (maybe a bad one), but still…lol

You’ve been lucky enough not to run across an update that changes the tables handled by pdump, but, one day, you will, so, make sure you do a full backup just in case…