Player.cpp - Modifying day-night cycle

After a bit of searching around, I found that the day-night cycle is controlled by two variables in Player.cpp:

data.Initialize(SMSG_LOGIN_SETTIMESPEED, 4 + 4 + 4); data.AppendPackedTime(sWorld->GetGameTime()); data << float(0.01666667f); // game speed data << uint32(0); // added in 3.1.2 GetSession()->SendPacket(&data);
By default, TrinityCore runs at 1:1 TrinityCore:Server time. I want to change that, so the day-night cycle is 10:1. Now, I have experience in Pascal and C#, I’ve never seen << used. A quick google says that it’s for shifting bits, so I assume that it’s not as simple to increase the day-night cycle by just multiplying the float value by 10x. How does that float(0.016666667f) value relate to the passage of day and night? Could I just turn it into 0.166666670f and that’s all that needs to be changed?

Edit: Went ahead and edited the variable just to see if it changes anything. After setting it to float(0.166666670f), it now takes 5 seconds for the clock to advance by one minute. So increasing the float by 10x causes a 12x increase in speed. It’s still a bit slow, so I’ll increase it further.

Edit2: Setting it to float(0.016666667f) now takes the server 3 seconds for 1 minute in game.