I was wondering if anybody had an updated playermap? One showing locations of everybody on the server such as the one i looked at last from azure seems out of date. Any information would be fantastic thank you!

If the project is dead I will look into getting it updated because I really like this project seems like a project worth keeping in the server but I would like to update it for 7.2.0 though or 4.3.4

That would be really cool to get it going for those and 3.3.5a , if you do get a chance to have a look at it I’d love to follow the project. Any idea where you would post it?

I will post the updates on and will also post on this topic if I decide to pick up the project.

Sounds amazing! Certainly willing to donate to anybody who picks this up

the player maps i have seen used to get location info from db… and guess what, it’s the same for years.

5+ years old minimanager:

They do but I lack the knowledge to get them updated, that’s why I’m asking here. He’ll I’d even follow a guide if somebody made one, I enjoy learning new things but have no idea where to start.

they work == they don’t need update.

I had something similar to this that would show in a list format (used a php script and SOAP), It was something like:

[FONT=‘Courier New’]±------------------±-----------------+
| Player | m,x,y,z |
| player1 | 503 083 045 099 |
| player2 | 503 083 045 099 |[/FONT]

Of course it’s not graphical, however there is sort of an issue if this is given to players to view everyone’s gps as a non GM/Admin. Wouldn’t this be considered kind of annoying in a pvp server? I can see people getting stalked and camped.

What are you going to use to write this? If it’s LAMP, I would love to contribute a ton of work.

I take it cdawg you use Linux, if so what do you use, ubuntu? Is world of warcraft for linux? I like ubuntu I have it installed on my pc instead of windows but I use windows because I never seen anything for linux about world of warcraft. I take it if you use linux you also use wine for running windows applications. Also how do you run trinitycore since the only thing there is that I see is an exe for worldserver and authserver. When I run authserver.exe I get error taht there is no application installed for shared library files.

Build the trinity server using linux (see wiki), and use playonlinux / wine in order to run the woW client. It is perfectly playable.

I need to start another topic this is off topic.

Linux is a completely different Operating System. Which means that it handles and/or runs binaries completely differently.

I run the worldserver/authserver/mysql/etc… through my CentOS machine.

For games I use my Windows10 machine

Have you ever tried Ubuntu, I have never tried CentOS is it really good for desktop or just server stuff?

CentOS is the most reliable and commonly used server OS. I don’t recommend the gui (desktop version). It’s a bare terminal base and you can add packages from that.

I had Ubuntu Server and it’s become a bit more stable over the years. Personally, I think it’s still too fairly young for a server OS.

If you are learning linux… Stick to Ubuntu GUI (desktop), about 98% of the commands are the same. :wink:

well the only reason I use the desktop version and not a server version is because I use this for my main pc instead of windows, I just think it runs much better than windows. That and I am new to Ubuntu. Thanks cdawg

{citation needed} Mhmmmm…

From experience and number of issues/forum topics created, CentOS is one of the most problematic when trying to compile/run TC (it can compile and run TC but it might not be as straightforward as Ubuntu/Debian).

Sorry about off-topic :’

Looking at historical data until 2017 Ubuntu has grown by a fair margin for “compatibility”. I personally have had more issues with it running so many other things than TC.

Anyhow, I do agree that CentOS wasn’t developed as a “compiling” machine and there are some minor caveats like finding the exact package. But working from a cloud company (AWS cloud) CentOS is still the main OS used. Especially for LAMP customers. I went off the “web” statistic

It’s not that I’m used to it, I just dont like a young OS like Ubuntu that still has problems with unknown kernel panics filling logs that no one knows how to handle atm.

At least for the topic’s sake: I would still love to contribute to a LAMP style player map gps system.

Ubuntu is what I use personally I have never had any issues with Ubuntu running or compiling TC. I think Ubuntu is a better GUI than most others and the server is good too.