Pool Spawn

Hello Guys,

I’m opening this post for asking you something about pool spawn:“how do i create one?”

I would like to create a pool spawn of a mob like as Time lost Proto-Drake…could you help me?Ty

Add an entry to the pool_entry table for the creature pool, then add an entry to the pool_creature table for each mob you want in the that pool.

The max_limit field in the pool_entry record will control how many of the creatures are spawned at a given time.

Ty for the answer but I have another question:“how do i say that a creature should spawn,for example, in 134,4 - 145,3 Stormpeaks OR 132,5 - 234,1 Zul’Drak?”

You create two spawns of the creature, one at each point, and then you put them both in a creature pool that has a spawn count of 1.

Experiment with it and you’ll understand right away

AFAIK the spawning/despawning system is really far from beeing blizlike and easy to handle, you just have to give it a try and hope it works the first time :>

Ty to everyone /emoticons/default_smile.png