Problems setting up server on linux

On the tutorial at

I got absolutely lost as soon as I got to “Linux server setup” It asks for something called the WoW client and I can’t seem to find a download for it on Blizzards website or anywhere else for that matter. plz halp

They’re assuming you have a World of Warcraft client, either the current one for the master branch, or the 3.3.5 client for that branch. (The client is “the game” as most of us refer to it, as opposed to “the server”.) It’s illegal (in many jurisdictions) to distribute the client, since it belongs to the WoW people. You can get the current client from, of course – it’s free to play initially. The older client can be found as a bittorrent, or might be downloaded from one of the independent server operators. A search engine may help find it. Naturally, I don’t advise you to break any laws you’re subject to, despite the fact that many people have done so in the past.