Problems with warden

Please excuse me if I created the topic not in the right place, I’m just new to this business and it’s extremely difficult for me to understand all this, just the language of the community I know very badly. I use Google translator) Once again I’m sorry.
In general, the problem is that I followed all the points from compiled by the server, everything turned out without errors and everything works fine. But as soon as I’m in the settings worldserver.conf turn on warden (Warden.Enabled = 1) and change the working time (Warden.ClientResponseDelay = 3). I immediately began to throw out of the game. I use the original 3.3.5a client without any add-ons and I do not use any cheat programs.
Please tell me how to solve this problem? It is very important for me to use anti-cheat on my server. Perhaps you need to make some more settings?